Proposition de Post doc – durée de 12 mois


Dans le cadre du projet ANR SIBI, Le laboratoire d’électrochimie moléculaire (UMR CNRS 7591) de l’Université de Paris recrute un post doctorant pour une durée de 12 mois sur le thème: “Full counting statistics of single‐electron transfer events in electrochemical processes as a new approach for ultimate biosensing”.

Mots clés: Bio‐nano‐electrochemistry, Atomic‐force electrochemical microscopy, Single molecule electrochemistry, endtethered; DNA dynamics, E‐DNA, conformational DNA sensor.

Salaire : 2100 € / mois

Détail du projet:

The main objective of the SIBI project, is to develop a fully original “all-electrical” technology able to sense single electrochemical electron transfer events. We intend to show that this ultimate detection scheme notably enables designing electrochemical conformational DNA sensors (E-DNA sensors) displaying single molecule sensitivity. A redox-labelled single stranded DNA chain, used as a capturing (probe) strand, will be end-attached
to a 10 nm size gold nanodot aligned on top of a nanocapacitor. The capacitive sensing platform will be provided by the physicist partner of the project.1 To establish the proof of principle of capacitive single electron transfer detection, the nanoelectrode-tip of an atomic force electrochemical microscope, operated in molecular touching mode (Mt/AFM-SECM),2,3 will be used to address electrochemically the redox-reporter of the DNA probe strand. Discrete charging steps of the nanocapacitor, corresponding to the cycling motions of the redox label being oxidized at the tip and reduced at the nanodot, will be detected using state of the art silicon transistor nanotechnology. Observation of these steps will be the first ever demonstration of single electron counting in electrochemistry. Beyond this unprecedented detection, measurement of the frequency of the charging steps will yield unique access to quantitative information regarding the conformational dynamics of the end-anchored DNA chain. This experimental setup will be the starting point to the development of an on-chip digital nanoarray E-DNA platform enabling to address modern challenges in DNA nanotechnology and biosensing.

Profil recherché: le candidat doit posséder un doctorat en chimie,physique, biologie ou biophysique. Il/elle devra avoir de solides compétences en expérimentation. Une maîtrise des technologies de microscopie en champ proche, en bioélectrochimie et en bioconjugaison des molécules d’ADN seraient un plus.

Personne à contacter: Dr. Christophe Demaille ; email: ; Phone : +33 (01) 57 27 87 97

Pour plus d’informations, consulter le pdf ci joint

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